Diade U.S.A. - ceramic decoratives and mosaics

Diade U.S.A. is specialized in the production of ceramic decoratives and mosaics. Most notable of these are the innovative products like the 3D Multilevel, under international patent.

Thanks to its productive site in the United States, Diade U.S.A. is able to supply its clients a very fast service as compared to the time neccessary for same supplies from Italy.

More also, the high quality of the products and services offered is guaranteed from the many years of esperience that the founding partners have acquired on the Italian market where they have being cutting and making decorative tiles since 2003. Thanks to their continous research, they have produced articles with innovative designs like the intertwining or weaving mosaic and the diamond cut mosaic.

The objective of Diade U.S.A. is therefore to provide for the italian ceramic companies with production sites in the U.S. the same services rendered to the ones in Italy.

Diade U.S.A. is a young dynamic company, using the acquired know-how thanks to the many years of esperience of the partners on the Italian market and it's ready to collect all the challenges of a market in continous evolution.

Diade U.S.A. production of ceramic decoratives and mosaics


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